Monday, October 5, 2009

Of Note

1. Today, I changed my work blackberry signature. Where it once read, "Sent from blackberry while driving with knees," it now reads, "I stopped blackberrying while driving, and so should you."

Let's face it. It is incredibly stupid to text or email while you are driving a vehicle. It's almost like you black out for a few minutes while you're either reading or typing...and then suddenly, you're back to the task at hand: driving a vehicle that weighs approximately a ton or so that you, and only you, are controlling with two hands and one pair of eyes. Not to mention the folks in the lane(s) next to you. They're also texting and not paying any attention to you or the road.

Granted, I'm a hypocrite, and it's not like I haven't been doing this for many, many years. But I am lucky nothing has happened. Except for that one time, when I was entering an address into Garmin, and I rear-ended "Queen" in the middle of Southeast DC. I paid her $1000 for her "bumper" - it wasn't in tip-top shape to begin with, I can assure you. But since I was the a-hole who ran into her, such was the price I had to pay. STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING! Obama says so.

2. Something else to add to my to-do list for this week:

It's going to be interesting and probably a bit of a hoot, if I had to guess.

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