Sunday, October 4, 2009


What an incredibly perfect, beautiful, slightly autumnal weekend. Autumnal! I don't mind it so much when it feels a bit like fall, as long as jackie's aren't required. I abhor wearing jackets for cold-weather purposes, because it means I am likely frigid straight to my core. I hate it.

At any rate, back to the beautiful, slightly autumnal season. While some may spend hours in front of football games watching teams that have sucked for 20+ years, others begin to log many a mile on their bikes. I, for one, plan to be a part of the latter group. Not that I've ever really been a part of the attention span is quite brief, and watching similar looking plays occur repetitively for hours on end...only to result in a loss by the home team... sounds rather like a nightmare to me. So the mileage it has been, and the mileage it will be.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on where you're coming from, I've recently spent most of my hours on my cross bike, trying to figure out how the hell to get on and off the thing without mounting the rear wheel. Some might find this amusing. Others, like myself, find it quite humbling and bruise-inducing. I feel quite sorry for my inner right thigh and ego.

Last weekend was Ed Sanders. I fell on my front wheel as soon as I hit the mud on my warmup lap. Busted a spoke with my knee and then proceeded to flat a few yards later. Walked the long way with head down back to the pit. Did not race.

Brian and Fader lined up  - Brian broke a chain in the first minute and a half, his first race back in a few years. He put in a great effort today at Kelly Acres, as did Fader.

Enough about cross for the time being, and back to the point of this post. This weekend, I decided it was time to bring the LSD back. Long, steady distance. On Saturday, I rode with the two leg-breaking C's (Christie and Christian) on a lovely route in Poolesville, MD. I've copied a link to the cue sheet below (courtesy of Potomac Peddlers) because this route is really worth doing. We ended up logging about 74 miles, while the actual route is only around 68 (who knew the miles were cumulative?? Certainly not us). We even stopped at Homestead Farm, and I was briefly reminded of my childhood pumpkin picking days. But then I forgot about them because way too many folks have discovered Homestead Farm. It was like being in an overcrowded water park. Too many people, too close together. Ick.

Back to the ride. I really regret not bringing my camera. We rode along wheat fields (I think?) that stretched for miles - enchanting, really. I wanted to frolic in all of them. Alas, the C's were a force to be reckoned with and I had to keep up as best I could. The route even included a nice long gravel stretch, and I finally got ahead of the two of them for a few minutes and tested my cross bravery. It felt good. All in all, we had a phenomenal time, and I'm truly looking forward to getting out with the gals more often this off-season.

Do yourself a favor: golden field Poolesville ride cue sheet!

Today, I did the team ride, and had my ass handed to me before we even made it close to the rollers. I suppose road cycling can be as humbling as cross, at times. Today in particular. Brutal. However, even as I rode by my lonesome all the way back from Falls road, I felt reenergized and ready to spend some good QT on the Cannondale over the next few months. And ideally learn how to climb in the process.

In other news, it's Sunday night! Which means it's time to plan the week(end). On the list:

- Interrogation with the Fojol Brothers. More to come on that, stay tuned. Excited.

- Teasim. Time to get to know tea. Brian bought me a fabulous little tea contraption from Teaism (thanks Michelle and Jose!), and I'm ready to get educated. When I quit coffee a few weeks ago, I had planned to allow myself a cup on the weekends, particularly post-team ride if I felt so inclined. Curiously, I haven't even wanted it! I love me some tea.

- Seagull Century. Maybe. Only if it's rain-free and pull-free.

- Green Festival DC. I have missed this the past few years and WILL be going this year. By bike, of course. You should too! We are lucky this comes to our town.

- Taste of Georgetown. Maybe. I have mentioned my dislike for all things crowded, so either on the early or late side to avoid the creepy masses.

There is also Hyattsville CX...a maybe if I don't do Seagull.

Alrighty folks. Have a great week!


Lindsey said...

You need to get back on the CX horse!

Margit said...

=) You speak the truth, L. I'll be on my CX horse this afternoon for sure...and might I add, so happy you are reading! xo

Scott T. said...

I've found you and must add to Lindsey's comment that you've got to get back on the CX horse. You can do it; on some level you may just need to ease back on your speed to keep the bike under you while you get the handling skillz up to your power

Margit said...

Scott - totally agree. I rode way outside of myself at Charm City and just lost all control of my appendages for REAL. Looking forward to DCCX though, I've been practicing!