Friday, June 4, 2010


I am thrilled to report that my CSA share started up this week! My fabulous teammate, Lindsey, suggested I split a Waterpenny Farm share with her this year, and I concurred. We picked up our first delivery on Wednesday, and I've been having way too much fun in the kitchen ever since.

Firstly, ground turkey "tacos." I have a borderline obsession with Cholula hot sauce, and thus most things I make must blend well with said ingredient. I cooked up some fresh ground turkey, peppers and mushrooms, added the hot sauce, and wrapped them up in the ginormous lettuce leaves (part of the CSA). Side of avocado. It was a filling yet light and refreshing meal, and perfect for us grain-free humans!

Secondly, garlic scapes! I'd never heard of these before, but they are the tops of garlic bulbs and look like chives (which is actually what they taste like). Brian and I sauteed some of these up with lemon & olive oil, added our fresh asparagus (CSA) - and it was literally the best asparg I've ever had. So crunchy and clean-tasting. We also pan seared some of the Whole Foods frozen scallops with turkey bacon to go along with, atop fresh CSA spinach. Quite enjoyable.

Currently, I'm experimenting with a gazpacho/blended salad concept that is shockingly delightful on a day like today. I combined baby carrots, the ginormous lettuce leaves, garlic scapes, avocado, mushrooms, salt & pepper, about a cup or two of water...and voila. Chilled gazpacho/blended salad goodness. I added some Cholula to spice it up a bit, which balanced things out quite nicely.

One of these days I'll get a new camera.

In other news, first race since BikeJam this weekend - Ride Sally Ride. Looking forward to it. I think I am still recovering from last Saturday's 7 am ride, however. Hm.

In closing, go get yunself a CSA share!

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