Monday, December 7, 2009

Two more!

Today, I made two things that were the bomb. So I need to post about 'em.

1. Almond butter banana pancakes, thank you Mark's Daily Apple and people who have gone "Primal." It sounds a tad over the top, but these pancakes are definitely the bomb. They are super easy to make, and taste shocking fabulous. But then again, it's eggs, almond butter and mashed bananers - how could that possibly be bad?

2. Secondly, as an accompaniment for my dindin, I made kale. I have bad memories of kale, unfortunately. While my mom has become a phenomenal cook, she used to make my brothers and me eat only slightly boiled (raw) kale seasoned with a little salt. It was generally paired with liver & onions (which she said was steak) - and altogether, I could not chew a single bite without gagging. Literally. Love ya moms, but MAN. Anywho, tonight I braved kale as an adult, and it is a wondrous veggie. Lots of protein and other goodies, and when you boil it until it is SOFT, it tastes just like any other leafy green. I then stuck it in a sautee pan and cooked it for a few minutes with some tomatos, onions, galirc and some oil & vinegar. Very enjoyable.

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