Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Le Trainer

Up until this past weekend, I have absolutely hated getting on my trainer. Generally, this is how a cold/rainy/snowy day will unfold:

1. Wake up. Think about how much better I will feel if I do trainer session in the morning.

2. Get out of bed. Affirm that I will complete trainer session in the morning.

3. Stare at trainer, give it evil eye. It returns my glare with a similarly daunting stink eye.

4. Eat breakfast.

5. Do everything humanly possible that does not require getting on trainer.

6. Suddenly, it is dark out. EFF. Still have not gotten on trainer.

7. Call cyclist boyfriend and ask him to remind me why I have to get on the trainer. He replies, "do you want to upgrade to a Cat 3 next year or not?"

8. Finally get on trainer. Hate most minutes spent on it.

9. Get off trainer. Feel like I am better than everyone else, at least for a few hours.

10. Think about how I should have done trainer session when I got up that morning.

11. Eat, sleep. Repeat.

Or something like that.

But the good news is...I no longer hate the trainer. As it turns out, somehow I wasn't putting my bike on properly, thus it felt like crap every time I got on it. Brian finally showed me how to do it, and I'm still not sure what the difference is...but the bottom line is that it feels about 9,000 times better. Now I actually don't mind it, not even a bit.

I mean, I still put it off for as long as humanly possible, but at least now I don't hate it anymore.

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