Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cycling & corn addictions

I suppose can think of worse things to be addicted to. But I really am addicted to bikes (specifically my new Cannondale SuperSix) and corn (specifically on the cob).

Reston was this past weekend and marked my first race on the new bike. Holy crap, what a difference. I'd already noticed how much "easier" it was to keep up on the team ride, not lose the group entirely on the Tuesday night hill ride, and my new-found ability to punch it on a flat. But during this race, I learned how much more fun cornering and sprinting are on a bike that's built for racing. Night & day from my old Giant (sorry buddy).

Bruce Buckley captured some amazingly cool shots during this race.

Kinda wish I had muscles like that in real life. Or, perhaps not. Then I'd look rather dude-like.

Unfortunately, Reston will be my last race for awhile. I'll be traveling/vacationing for pretty much every weekend in July. Beach, Nantucket and Brazil. No, I am not complaining. But I shall miss racing my bike.

In other news, corn rocks right now and I eat it once or twice a day. Becoming a bit of a problem.

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