Monday, May 11, 2009

Syn Fit, Bunny Hop and Ft. Ritchie...

So, there appears to be some sort of pattern forming here. Apparently I like to race bikes. A lot.

Anywho, I will make this post relatively short and sweet as it's now somewhat outdated information.

Syn Fit was a good course with some relatively tight corners. Lots of sketchy turns, myself included. We had a total blast, however, as there were a record number of Coppi gals in attendance! Me, Christine, A, Bean and Christie. Super fun. Ended up 12th, not realizing where I needed to be nor that it was the last lap. Sigh.

Bunny Hop wasn't unlike Syn Fit, although the weather was total shat. I felt far more confident through the corners and felt most of the gals up front held their line well...much better than syn fit. Maybe they weren't as tight, but the slippery conditions made it a bit sketchier...and for me, more of a rush! What can I say, I like a little bit of uncertainty.

They announced a prime lap with maybe 3 or 4 to go and I found myself at the front...totally thought I had it all alone, but Rhonda from Evo (who went on to win the race) pulled up next to me...and I slowed up, not realizing where the effing line was. Dropped a loud f-bomb for good measure. She beat me by a hair, but it was a 2-place prime, so I still got a massage. Yippee.

Sprinting for the prime was fun and all, but it left me a little tired for the final laps and I finished 14th, also behind the crash on the final turn. Apparently, one of the junior artemis girls came unclipped and blindly crossed the field, causing the evo rider to slip. Sketchy stuff.

Fort Ritchie is probably now the most fun I've had in a race. Lindsey and I headed up bright and early on Saturday morning, both a bit tired from a long week (and a relatively fast muffin We started out at a nice pace, and after a few laps a group of about 5-6 began to pull away (Rhonda, Cat and another Evo gal as well as Dana). Lindsey and I realized it, and before it was too late I took off with her on my wheel (and two others behind her). I made it about a half a lap, and then by the finish line Lindsey took over to bring us all the way. My favorite part of the race, by far. It was a tough pull, but so worth and a total rush when we finally reconnected with the group. Once again I didn't realize we were on our last lap (how does one miss that???) and wasn't in good position coming through the last turn. I took it WAY wide. Blech. Lindsey did great, finishing 4th...I ended up 8th. Good times.

This weekend is BikeJam. Yes, I've officially opted out of Columbia. Sorry triathlon, but I think we have broken up.

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Anonymous said...

aren't you miss stealthy blogger! it was a blast this weekend. Bike Jam may hurt--we're racing with the tres.