Thursday, September 2, 2010

Iiiit's cross time!

To the tune of Iiiit's Hammer Time. Only...not.

Anywho. This is what was done for fun this evening:

Yes, fun! Some might not believe me. Some might say that this "cross" I speak of is painful. Or brutal. Or, in summation, a total ass-kicker of a sport. They are all, indeed, correct. Cross is the hardest sport I have ever done, hands down. The combination of having to think about jumping off your bike, then running with it, then jumping over something large while still carrying it, then placing it back down gracefully enough to then jump back on said bike...all while totally in the hard. Really hard.

But, as they say, practice makes perfect. In this case...practice is absolutely imperative so that when I arrive at Charm City CX in a few weeks, I don't run straight into a barrier...or endo in front of the podium...or fall on my front wheel and break a spoke. All of which I did last Charm City.

Did I mention I can't wait??


Titania said...

yaaayy... (what the hell am I getting myself into) - I am so excited about it too, but wimpy butt over here is trying to decide if Charm City is the way to go, or let myself macerate a little longer until Ed Sanders before start playing with mud

Anonymous said...

practice makes perfect love! nice knees!