Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scallops & such

A few things to report.

1. Tonight I made scallops with turkey bacon, balsamic reduction and Brussels sprouts. I am getting quite fancy. Whole Foods has frozen-packed scallops that are shockingly delicious. 6 oz (packed with protein) is only about 150 calories, and it's a lot of 'em! Not cheap, but I am happy to spend money on healthy, quality food. Maybe if more people do it, fewer people will fall for the Taco Bell skinny drive-thru menu (or whatever they're calling it). Are you kidding me? I shan't get started on fast food and pretty much every major food production company at this time. I will say that Michael Pollan just came out with another new book, which is simplified for those of us with short attention spans. Bottom line: eat real food, mostly plants, and not too much. Rules to live by.

2. I digress. So I was motivated to make my own scallops due to a phenomenal meal I had at Bistro Bis on Monday night. I took my employees out for a little post-holiday celebration and send-off for me (I am moving on to greener pastures!) and was really impressed with the food. The scallops were so delicate and slightly sweet...literally melted in my mouth. The homemade apple tart for dessert was also a highlight. Highly recommend. And it's now ranked 14th in DC, according to Washingtonian, for the record.

3. That same night we headed to Passenger Bar. I liked it. Low key, good beers and they have kimchi hotdogs...I couldn't resist, and we ordered one to sample. I was on a hunt for kimchi today at Whole Foods, alas, to no avail. New project for tomorrow...find kimchi. Oh, and pick up my cross bike which has made a new home hanging from the Contes ceiling.

Brian and I saw "It's Complicated" on Friday night - it was aight. Not as good as "Somethings Gotta Give." Not even close. We rented "District 9" and it freaked me out big time. Next up is Avatar in 3D tomorrow night - looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

I saw that Taco Bell commercial too...while watching The Biggest Loser. I was aghast, and said to the TV, "Oh, my f*^king god, you've got to be f*^king kidding me." Thanks for the heads-up on the scallops!

Margit said...

Seriously...what is the world coming to? I would like to see someone try out all of these fast food "diets" - well, maybe not, because I think said person would get fat, then come down with some chronic heart disease, and then die. Which would be unfortunate.

On a lighter note - tell me how your scallop experience goes!