Saturday, March 21, 2009


it would appear that i did NOT, in fact, hold myself accountable to that weekly posting goal i had set for myself. problematic, also quite symptomatic. sigh.

at any rate, i am back. and my focus has changed. life is funny in that way - my primary focus when i first started this blog was my job. i kind of chuckle at that notion now. of course my job is still important to me, but in a very different way (it used to be my life). ah well. shat happens, and usually for the better. so now my goals at work are to make lemonade out of the lemons i've been handed, and all is right in the world.

however, on the bright side, this means my focus has broadened and i have more time (mentally) to give to my other priorities in life. last year, the end of my race season last year was derailed by a bout of mono (wtf? who gets mono at 27?). it sucked. i got fat and tired. but then i met a rad dude named buttzilla, got my ass back in gear and have since have joined two glorious teams to help fuel my training and racing habit (squadra coppi and team luna chix). life is good, as they say.

now i face a weekly internal debate between how much time i should spend training for triathlon and how much i spend training on the bike. the thing is, all of my goals for this year were based on triathlon. but then coppi came along and made me realize that i really heart riding a bike, riding a bike with a wondrous group of people, and possibly racing against other women (yet to be determined - check back on april 4 after my first crit). it's just a completely different animal, and the competitive spirit in me is digging it. a little more than triathlon. please don't tell my coach.

at any rate, we shall see how it all plays out.

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